A New Decade, New Website and Goodbye YouTube

I started my YouTube channel in 2008. I did this because I saw others like Panacea1, Petrilude, and xsparkage inspired me, long before the Desi's, Huda's and Chrisppy's of Instagram with their production/editing teams, personal photographers and photoshop. 

I started out in my bedroom, with my little canon camera (which had horrible quality, even for those days) and my 120 Palette. I would edit using Windows Movie Maker (can you even imagine?) until I had it just right. I would spend hours editing the perfect content. Then finally, I became a Partner. 

Ten years ago, being selected to Partner with YouTube was a big deal. I had to reach a certain and consistent "popularity" and view count. Once I reached it, I felt I had "made it" to being just like Petrilude and xSparkage. 

Up until last year, I was still producing videos but lost my fire. I decided recently that I wanted to change my style and theme to my channel. Not so beauty tutorial/review focused and…
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