Hey Everyone!
Here is my first Holiday Series look of the 2011 Holiday Season. I am a little late getting this up. Work has been a lot busier than it normally is this time of year, so I do apologize to those of you who look forward to these videos every year!
I wanted to use some of the gorgeous gold glitter I got from IMATS this year because I think the holidays are the perfect time to get away with adding some glitter to your eye makeup to liven things up. I also love how classic gold is so I wanted to pair that with a gorgeous smoked cranberry eye. Semi traditional but still gorgeous. 
Perfect for family or friend gatherings, staff Christmas parties, lunches and it's even great for a fun night out not related to the holidays! 

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Hey Everyone!

With Christmas coming up I wanted to share some unique gift ideas with you guys as it leads up to Christmas. 

Here I have a personalized sterling silver ring from MyNameNecklace. It makes the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list, or maybe even a gift for yourself.

Comes in a cute ring box. 
It is a cut out style ring. I had it inscribed with my name. There is an eight character limit for this ring, but you can get any word or name that you want inscribed.

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IMATS 2011

Casey B >> 11/07/2011 >> ,
Hey Everyone! 
This weekend I am heading to IMATS 2011 in Toronto. 

This is the International Makeup Artist Trade show that is hosted around the world in various large cities. Like NY, LA, London, Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver.

Its a place for makeup artists and lovers to see various vendors products at discounted prices. If you want to see the complete list of vendors at this years IMATS, click here

I will be heading to IMATS on Saturday with StaceyBrennan, Jessica and Pascale from Beautezine, CityandMakeup, RachhLoves and Taryn from RachhFit. In addition, I am looking forward to seeing Nancy Power and HollywoodNoirMakeup! 

It runs from Saturday November 12 and again on Sunday November 13. Generally the best time for Shopping is the Saturday because each exhibitor has a limited supply so the most popular items sell out quick. You can purchase tickets online here. You can also purchase your tickets at the door unless they sell out prior to the event. 

If you are going, try to find me and come up and say hi! I would love to meet you guys. You know what I look like but I have no idea what you guys look like so if you see me definitely come up and say hi!

Below are a list of the items I either plan to purchase or just check out. 

My Shopping List: 


Lip tars 
  • Pretty Boy
  • Femme
  • Queen
  • Interlace

Make Up For Ever
  • HD Primer in 20800 (white)
  • Camouflage Cream
  • Velvet Finish Compact Powder


Bronzing Powder in Laguna
Blush in Orgasm and Super Orgasm

Eye Kandy Cosmetics

They have amazing eye glitter!


Jumbo Lip Pencils
  • Hot Red
  • Honey
  • Deep Red
  • Narcisse

Slim Lip Pencils
  • Edge Pink
  • Dolly Pink
  • Pinky
  • Nectar
  • Peekaboo Neutral
  • Cabaret

Jumbo Eye Pencils 
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Strawberry Milk
  • Pots & Pans

Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Charcoal

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Hey Everyone!

Here are some fun and best of all, easy Halloween Inspired Nails! 

Wet and Wild Wild Shine - Sunny Side Up

China Glaze Crackle Glaze - Black Mesh

I just used a creamy orange nail polish. I needed 2 coats overtop of a base coat. I really like the Wet n Wild Wild Shine brand of nail polish. The cost is unbeatable ($1.57) and the wear lasts a decent amount of time! Then I added one coat of China Glaze Crackle Glaze Black Mesh over top. I have been getting tons of compliments on them this past week. I love the effect that crackle nail polish has.

Happy Halloween!!!

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Hey Everyone!

Here is my last Halloween tutorial for this season. It is actually a recreation of a video I had posted the first halloween that I was posting videos on YouTube. And that was about two years ago. Back when I had a not-so great camera for recording videos. So now that I have a better one I wanted to recreate it.

It's actually pretty easy to do. So virtually anyone can recreate this look. When I did the base, I wanted it to be paler than my natural skin because generally when we think of Vampires, we think of pale skin. So to get full coverage, I mixed a white base with the lightest foundation that I had. I was pretty happy with the coverage that it gave. And it will help it last longer than just the white base on its own. To set it, I used translucent powder.

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Hey Everyone!

Here is a simple Mermaid idea for Halloween with a really pretty colourful eye. For this look you will just need some bright shadows and a pair of fishnet stockings!

If you prefer other colours for this look, feel free to switch up any of the colours I used and substitute in one of your own to make this look unique for you.

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Autumn Eyes

Casey B >> 10/22/2011 >>

Hey Everyone!
Here is a colourful look inspired by the changing leaves and the beautiful scenery at this time of year. The Fall is my all time favourite season. A lot of it has to do with how pretty everything is. There are so many pretty colours. 

Although oranges and yellows aren't always the prettiest on the eyes, this look is totally wearable. 

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Hey Everyone! 

Here is a sweet, simple and classic look for Halloween! Girls young and old still choose this famous Disney character as their costume every year. I thought it would be really cute to try out, and I hope you enjoy it too. 

For the eyes I wanted something classic and pin-up like. For the lower lash lines, I opted to accentuate my eye shape and give off the appearance that my eyes were larger than they really are. Putting white eye liner on the lower lash area gives off the appearance your eyes are larger because it works with the whites of our eyes.  I also added some fake lashes for fullness. Halloween is the perfect occasion to go all out with your makeup. 

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Hey Everyone!

So here is my first halloween tutorial of the season! Not sure how many I will be posting, but I had some angel wings and thought it would be a nice place to start :)

Since this makeup is pretty neutral and basic, it could be used for several other Halloween Costumes as well.

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Small Haul from Sams Beauty

Casey B >> 10/08/2011 >>
Hey Everyone! 

I enjoyed my last haul from Samsbeauty.com so much that I had to do another one! This time around I am showing some NYX products that I got as well as a few pieces of jewelry.

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Fall Polish Picks

Casey B >> 10/06/2011 >>

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Oceaniqe Accessory Lookbook

Casey B >> 10/04/2011 >>

Hey Everyone!

I am always on the hunt for stand-out accessories that work with several outfits. I love to have a variety because I never know what sort of mood I am in, and accessories are fun to play with.

Here are some accessories that I received from Oceaniqe. I enjoy how unique each piece is and how each one really stands out. There is something for everyone. So I hope you enjoy the photo's that were taken. Big thank you to my Mom who helped out so much with this.

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No Heat Curls

Casey B >> 9/13/2011 >>
Hey Everyone,

This hair tutorial will show you how to get wavy/curly hair without any heat, and the best part is, no effort because this style happens while you sleep! It gives a new meaning to the term “bedhead.”

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Hey Everyone!  

Meblingbling is an online company that produces blinged out cases for your phones,  and hand held devices, including the iPad.

The cases are made of Swarovski crystals and other neat beads and gems. I think it is totally cute, too!
The cases are made to order and are 100% hand crafted and custom made. Each case is made specifically per customer, per order. So your case will be 100% unique to you! They have three pages of awesome designs to choose from, which was easily the hardest part of the process, choosing just one!

I am certain that no matter what phone model you have, they have you covered. There is a huge list of all of the models that they create for.

They take between 1-3 weeks to arrive. I thought I would receive it around the three week mark just because with online companies, you really never know! Some tend to push it as far as they can. But with Meblingbling, I actually received it sooner than I expected, by at least a week. That was a great surprise just because I was so excited to get it.
I was immediately impressed with the attention to detail and the obvious craftsmanship that went in to it and instantly appreciated the hard work I could see throughout.
It came in two pieces, and they literally just snap together around your phone.  In addition they also sent me some spare crystals for any that needed replacing. In all honesty, I have had it for three weeks now and I can say that I have lost two, maybe three and they are in unnoticeable spots (which doesn’t  matter because they sent me spares anyway).

If you guys like this case I will give you a hint, keep your eyes open for a possible giveaway for a super cool item wink, wink
Pictures :)

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Hey Everyone!
I had so many awesome comments on my last JoJo video that I wanted to do another! And a lot of you suggested that I do the look she was rocking at this years Teen Choice Awards (2011).  Quite a number of people have asked that I film a tutorial on a dramatic dark smoky eye look, and this one is just that!
It’s so simple! And once you learn how to conquer a dark, smoky eye, you are golden! It’s a classic look that is perfect for an evening out. I really hope you guys enjoy it!

If you try out this look, please show me! I would love to see any of my looks recreated by you! Be sure to check out my Twitter page and my Facebook page to chat with me!

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Luxe Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers 3-5 deluxe-sized beauty samples to your doorstep in a chic box. The samples range from skincare and makeup to fragrance, body, and haircare and are selected by beauty experts at the Loose Button office. 

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Hey Everyone!
As we all know Britney Spears is currently touring the planet with her Femme Fatale tour to promote her new cd, Femme Fatale.  I was asked to do a smoky dark eye makeup look and thought that her current makeup for her tour was the perfect inspiration. 

Since I have been having a lot of fun lately playing around with bright colours and fun eye makeup, I thought it would be a nice change of pace. I don’t normally wear a lot of dark eye shadow on my eyes, but thought that this look turned out really great!

It is perfect for a girls night out, if you’re heading to the club, or if you’ve got a date and you want to go all out with something smoky and dramatic. 

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Hey Everyone,

BH cosmetics contacted me and wanted me to do a review showing one of their newest 88 palettes.

Let's start from when I opened the package. It came in a very secure box and the box was stuffed with paper to prevent the palette from moving around, and the palette itself was wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap to help brace any impact during its shipping. My palette arrived completely fine with all the shadows intact.

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Jojo Inspired

Casey B >> 8/22/2011 >>

Hey Everyone!
I always get told on my videos that I look like the singer Jojo! It must be the eye colour and the shape of our eyebrows because I find (when I actually looked hard enough!) that they are similar.

I think she’s beautiful so it was no problem for me to want to do a tutorial inspired by a look that she’s worn.

The look that I chose is a neutral everyday type of look so it looks great on every eye shape and skin tone! It’s perfect for work, school or just hanging out!

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Hi Everyone!
I wanted to show you guys a sneak peek of a pigment that I helped to create! Vee at Glamour Doll Eyes posted a tweet (a few months ago) to give a few people the opportunity to create a new pigment for her. This is the pigment that I asked her to create; its name is “Candy Floss.”

I wanted a rich pink colour with purple undertones to it. This pigment couldn’t be more spot on to what I wanted! I am so excited about it, and humbled that Vee chose me!

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Kiwi's and Grape

Casey B >> 8/17/2011 >>

Hi Everyone!
I have another bright, colourful and fun look for you! The pretty colours in the palette inspired me so I put them together!
This look can be worn anywhere that you are brave enough to wear fun eye shadow! The way I see it is, if you think the eye shadow looks good, do it. Don’t hold back because you think people will stare, if they stare, it’s because they like it :) 

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Bare Palette Giveaway Winner!

Casey B >> 8/10/2011 >>

The Winner of the Brand new Bare palette from Sigma is:



Please contact me through email at MissCaseyB@gmail.com and we can get the ball rolling on the verification process and get your palette out to you asap!!!

Thanks everyone who entered and check back for more giveaway's at the end of the month into September! They are going to be awesome! :) 

*Note: The winner has 24 hours to claim the prize or a new winner will be selected. 

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Summertime Sunset

Casey B >> 8/05/2011 >>

Hi Everyone!
Here is a bright, colourful tutorial that I threw together. I really love how it turned out! The colours are really pretty together. I know it's not something for everyday, but I think it's super fun to go outside the box sometimes and do something that stands out :) 

Recently I got the 88 Cool Matte Palette from BH Cosmetics** and I fell in love with it. I have to say that out of the four different 88 palettes I own (including this one), this Cool Matte palette is my favourite!

I will have plenty more tutorials and FOTDs using this palette! :) 

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Win a Bare Palette from Sigma!

Casey B >> 8/02/2011 >>

Win a BARE Palette from Sigma!


1. Come to this blog post
2. Leave a comment (below) answering this question: "What is your favourite part of Summer?"
3. Contest Runs from July 31 to August 4 at 12:00a.m EST
4. Open Internationally
5. Comment as much as you want!
6. Must be legal age in your Country or have Parental Permission to give out your address in case you win. 

If you want to read my Product Show & Tell post with swatches and great pictures of this palette, click here. 

Good luck to everyone who enters :)

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Look of the Day

Here is the makeup that I rocked the other evening to go and hang out with some friends! It’s a pretty easy to do neutral look.  Let me know if you guys want a tutorial!

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Purple Flare Look

Casey B >> 7/22/2011 >>

Here is a look that is both colourful and wearable! I love looks that are bright, bold and noticeable. They are great for daytime and night time. 

This makeup look was created using the new Flare palette from Sigma Beauty. I really, really love these eyeshadows because they make blending effortless. The colours are quite pigmented and each one compliments the other. Here I have written a "Product Show & Tell" where you can check out swatches from this palette. 

Be sure to check out my other blog posts for the Dare and Bare palettes as well! All these palettes can be purchased online at Sigma Beauty's website

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This FLARE palette from Sigma has some beautiful green shades and purple shades. It also has some neutral colours to make looks with pops of colour. I love how fun and colourful this palette is! All the colours compliment each other so it's easy to make looks. It has both matte and satin eyeshadows. 

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This look is a wearable, warm look for summer! I used one of the new makeup palettes, Dare, from Sigma! If you'd like to see the Product Show & Tell with the swatches of the eyeshadows click here!

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