Glamour Doll Eyeshadow Review

by Casey B on 1/10/2011

Hey Everyone!
Glamour Doll Eye shadows is a company that is really making a name for itself here in YouTube.
Started in November 2008 and is operated by Vanessa or Vee. There are a few other awesome girls helping her out with online stuff.

All ingredients are made from Earth Minerals. For more information about ingredients used, please follow the link below.

I personally love the style, and the camaraderie you see between all the people who are apart of the GDE team.

When you go on the GDE website to purchase your pigments, it is very well laid out and easy to navigate. Very professional and user friendly. There and pictures and descriptions of each product. There is also a great “get the look” page where you can find lots of pictures of great tutorials use GDE to give you some ideas.

When I chose colours for my review, I wasn’t keeping track. I chose 6 colours, and 4 of them are similar to each other. However, I love each of the colours individually and still feel I can give a great review.

The colours I chose were:

I quite enjoy the packaging. By default they come without the sifter however you do have the option to have one. The label is so great! And I like how I can see the pigment through the jar.

The pigmentation of these shadows is really awesome. I love that dry they are a nice coverage you can build up, yet wet, or with a base, these colours are incredibly intense!

Does it Stain? I haven’t noticed there to be any staining with these shadows.

What do I use them for? 

I have used my shadows for all over lid colours as well as in the crease. I have also used them for liners.

How does it Blend? 

Blending is good. I use Sigma Brushes and have no issues blending. I find it to be smooth, not cakey, and not difficult.


I like how this product sticks to the brush after tapping it off a few times. It has very little fallout.

Long wear? 

The colours will last you all day through.

Does it crease? 

No creasing. I use a primer.

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