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K guys love it or hate it, and I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews, the makeup in Lady Gaga’s Telephone Music Video is ridiculously amazing. I tried my best to recreate the look she wore during the diner take down. It’s a dark navy with a black cut crease. I think I did a pretty good job considering I was using just a few video stills to recreate it!
In the video I do mostly close up of my eye while doing the look. It’s something that I am trying out and we’ll see how it goes. Working with a digital camera, it’s sort of hard to film like that while making sure you are still in the shot since there is no flip screen to see while I record.
The makeup artist that Lady Gaga used for this video is none other than the legendary Billy B.

Red Earth Eye Primer
Navy Colour + Black from the 120 Palette
Off white (highlight) from 88 Coastal Scents Matte Satin Palette
Liner is Black from Annabelle
Inner Corner White shimmer is White Whisper from Revlon
Mascara is Super Nova from Fresh

Concealer: Revlon New Complexion Dual
Foundation: Revlon New Complexion #1
Powder:  Cover Girl TruBlend Minerals #410
Face Shimmer Highlight: Revlon Skin Illuminator

Light Purple Lip Liner by Profound
Moon Drops Lipstick from Revlon in Persian Melon #585

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