Little Diva Party Kit Review & How To

by Casey B on 1/10/2011

Hey Everyone
I wanted to show you guys something really cool. It’s a Diva Tutu Kit from Little Diva Tutu’s.
Each Diva Party Kit™ includes everything the girls at your party need to create their very own tutu!
Great for birthday party crafts, every day craft for you and the little diva in your life.
It’s also a great way to have a more hands on experience with a gift as opposed to purchasing a premade one. There is a sense of pride and care that you would feel when she wears it.

Each Diva Party Kit includes:

1.               Precut tutu fabric (you can view the colour chart on their website)
2.               A sewn elastic waistband in your size
3.               1 yard of colour coordinating ribbon to tie onto your completed tutu
4.               1 Hair Accessory of your choice (colors depend upon availability)
5.               Easy to follow instructions

They come in newborn sizes up to whatever size as an adult you need. So it’s not just for kids! If you have a teen or a friend who wants a tutu in her life, this is a makes a great gift :)

You can have so much fun on a rainy day with your niece, grand-daughter, daughter, god-daughter or whichever Little Diva in your life by having this craft to do.

This is the tutu I made for Claire!

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