MAXbag from Sigma

by Casey B on 1/10/2011

Hey Everyone! 
I had been seeing Sigma Makeup tweeting about their new huge MAXBags. Let me tell you, huge seems to be an understatement! It is the largest makeup bag I own and it holds a lot of stuff!

This 14.5 x 11″ bag fits everything you need including makeup palettes, even brush rolls! I adore the quilted style of the bag. When you open it up, it has a black interior with a few compartments for extra storage.

What I love about this MAXBag, aside from how humongous it is, are the handle on the side for convenient carrying. I like that the handle isn’t near the zipper so you don’t have to worry about the zipper being damaged.

The day I was leaving for Toronto IMATS I received mine in the mail! I instantly went upstairs to repack my makeup. Instead of the few makeup bags with all my items scattered, I was able to hold everything in this one bag!

I think this bag is the answer to my prayers. It is going to make transporting my makeup from client to client so much easier! And I will be able to do it in style :)

This isn’t just great for makeup artists who travel, it is ideal for any girl who has a lot of makeup and needs a nice bag to keep it all in! I know a lot of girls who keep all their makeup in one big makeup bag and I think this is the biggest bag I’ve ever seen! Also, with the holiday season coming up, they make a great gift idea! You can also pick out a few other Sigma Items to fill it up before you give it to the makeup lover in your life :)

The bag comes in three really pretty colours! I think it’s fun and cute that Sigma has named the bags in French. Click on the picture of each bag to go directly to it on the Sigma website.

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