Mend your broken or cracked eye shadow!

by Casey B on 1/10/2011

Hey Everyone

It happens to the best of us. Our makeup is laying out on the bathroom counter and either we, a sibling, a significant other, a son or daughter knocks your favourite eye shadow (or worse, a palette!) and it tumbles to the hard, unforgiving bathroom floor.

Dare you even look? It’s painful to, and we all know that feeling. Have no fear, a solution is here!
There are so many different ways to mend or fix your broken or cracked eye shadow. I have compiled the ones that work best for me, the fastest and the easiest ways to do this.

Yes, you may lose a teeny bit of the product, but if you pick it up carefully, it is very salvageable. This will save you money so you don’t have to go out and buy a replacement.

The process is done at home, by you, in a few short moments! I would say no longer than 1 minute tops! Depending of course on how many shadows you have to fix. But it is done with things you already have lying around at home!

You will need:

·         Rubbing Alcohol (the higher the % the faster it will dry = good thing)
·         Dropper bottle for the alcohol (or the lid, but make sure you use a super small amount!)
·         Clean fabric
·         Any size coin that will fit the pan you want to fix (10 cent, penny, 25 cent, nickel, etc.)


  1. Break up the eye shadow with something sterile. this will make the eye shadow into a loose powder and easy to work with.
  2. Put a couple of drops, 3-4, or until the top of the shadow is damp, of the rubbing alcohol into the broken eye shadow.
  3. Wrap up your coin into your clean cloth.
  4. Place a few drops onto the stamp area so the eye shadow doesn’t transfer.
  5. Press the stamp as hard to the shadow as you can and this will mend the eye shadow back together.

You can use this same method to fix your bronzers, blushes or anything else in pan form.

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