Ocean at Night

by Casey B on 1/10/2011

Hey Everyone!

This look doesn’t really have inspiration. I sort of just saw the colours together and went with it. It was supposed to be more of a cut crease/defined look however I just kept blending and this is just how it ended up!
Really easy to recreate. I used 3 colours. Baby blue, orange and black. I got the blue from my 88 Coastal Scents Matte palette, same with the black. But since it doesn’t come with a bright orange, I used my 120 palette. I feel like I haven’t used that bad boy in a long time!

Red Earth Eye Primer
88 Coastal Scents Palette (baby blue on lid, black)
120 Palette (orange)
Mascara: Cargo

Concealer: Revlon New Complexion Dual
Foundation: Revlon New Complexion #1
Powder:  Cover Girl TruBlend Minerals #410
Face Shimmer Highlight: Revlon Skin Illuminator

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