by Casey B on 1/10/2011

Hey Everyone!

I was at work the other day during one of those really long days, when it’s really sunny outside, when I came across this book. The cover struck me right away. I can say I have no idea what the book is about because I never picked it up. I just Google’s it and found out that it is going to be turned into a Disney movie with Miley Cyrus though!  I was just very inspired by the cover art because it was breathtaking. I used the colours of the cover for inspiration. Enjoy! 


Red Earth Eye Primer
88 Coastal Scents Matte Satin Palette
Supernova Mascara by Fresh

Concealer: Revlon New Complexion Dual
Foundation: Revlon New Complexion #1
Powder:  Cover Girl TruBlend Minerals #410
Highlight: Revlon Skin Illuminator
Lips: Pink Blush by Rimmel with Clear Gloss overtop

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