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This is my Sigma Makeup Brush review! I know lots of makeup artists on YouTube have and use the Sigma Brush set so you might be curious about all the hype. I personally think they are amazing! I had a makeup brush kit from Quo, which is a brush brand here in Canada, and these Sigma brushes do not even compare!
I honestly do not know how I did makeup before I started using these fantastic tools. My technique has grown and gotten much better since I began using them.

Go here to check out Sigma’s website and here to check out their brushes.
  • Sigma Makeup Essentials Brushes Kit cones with 5 brushes for face, and 7 brushes for eyes. They are very easy to use and incredibly soft. The brushes were hand-sculpted. They are made of wood handles and nickel-platted brass ferrules.
  • All of Sigma’s Face brushes start out with SS1 and the Eye brushes start out with SS2.
  • Numerically, they are identical to MAC’s labelling system for their brushes.
This is the case/brush roll that the brushes come in. It has a magnetic clasp which is really strong.

And this is what the brushes look like when they are all placed:

What I will do is go over the face brushes, then the eye brushes, then give you some of my favourites.
Let’s start off with the Eye brushes.
By the way, I’ve read on Sigma’s Twitter that the SS stands for Sigma Shopping.

Eye Brushes

SS275 Medium Angled Shading Brush: 
·         Angled, tapered, flat top. I love to use this one for my crease area because it is the perfect shape. The bristles are natural and very soft. Easy to use. It’s fluffy so you can use it to blend into your crease area.

SS252 Large Shader Brush:

·         This would be the most common makeup brush, the eye shadow brush. I use it to apply colour all over my lid. It has more of a flat shape to it which makes application easy. It isn’t meant for blending. The bristles for this one are also natural which makes them very soft.

SS224 Tapered Blending Brush:

·         Round and tapered top. This one is perfectly designed to apply and blend colour in the crease or blend out any edges. I love this brush! Natural Bristles, very soft.

SS219 Pencil Brush:

·         This one gives precise application to the crease, and outer corner. It also works great to smudge out liner and line the lash lines to create a smoky effect. The bristles are natural. Very soft.

SS209 Eyeliner Brush:

·         Ultra fine tip provides a precise even stroke to the eyes. It works really well for lining the eyes. But I prefer to use an angled brush. I use this one also and more often for my lips. The brush is firm, not flimsy so it works great on getting the perfect outline. It is synthetic.

SS239 Eye Shading Brush:

·         Very soft, and dense with a rounded top. I like to use this one for applying a highlight under my brows and pat blending harsh edges.

SS266 Small Angle Brush:

·         Very soft, has an angle to it. Great width. I haven’t used this one too much because I have another one I use all the time. But I have used it once or twice and think it is a great brush!

Face Brushes
SS150 Large Powder Brush:

·         This brush is surprisingly dense. It’s not flimsy, but firm. It has a rounded top and I use this one to apply powder to my face so when I set my foundation. It has natural Bristles and is very soft. Best powder brush I’ve used.

SS190 Foundation Brush:

·         This brush can be used to apply liquid or cream foundation. I used it for liquid foundation. The bristles on this one are synthetic, which is unfortunate because it pokes, stabs and in turn irritates my face when I use it. So I don’t like to use this one too much.

SS187 Duo Fiber Brush:

·         This brush was designed to create a flawless, airbrushed appearance. It’s used with Liquid foundations but you can use it for blush, bronzer, anything really. I use it with liquid foundation and I really like it. I wish it were a little more firm for stippling purposes but I still really like it. It’s got a blend of both synthetic and natural bristles. It’s a great brush to use.

SS168 Large Angled Contour Brush:

·         Angled shape makes it perfect for applying blush or contour shades to the cheek bone area. Natural bristles, softest brush in the kit. Very awesome brush to have!

SS194 Concealer Brush:

·         Rounded, flat shape. Synthetic bristles. Great conceal brush. The flat shape makes it easy to get to the under eye area. Perfect size for a precise application on small areas.

A lot of these brushes can be purchased elsewhere but I think if you’re interested in professional brushes without totally breaking the bank, these are a must have. I’ve never used MAC brushes so I cannot say whether or not they compare. But I have read and watched several reviews, and the majority votes that yes, they are comparable to MAC.

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