Sigma Travel Brush Kit – Nice in Pink

by Casey B on 1/10/2011

Hey Everyone
With summer vacations beginning all over, it is the travelling season! You might be in need of a great brush kit for travelling and I have the perfect recommendation for you.
The Sigma Travel Brush Kit in Nice in Pink (also comes in Naughty in Black) contains seven essential brushes to achieve a gorgeous look on the go.

I find this kit very convenient because it compiles the most used brushes from their Complete Brush Kit. All the necessary brushes, you know, for travelling! But this awesome kit isn’t great just for travelling. You can keep it in your purse for a quick touch-up during the day or a night out. I find the clutch even looks like a purse!
All the brushes are individually  stored in a stylish metallic pink  clutch equipped with a  convenient zip up pouch to carry  all your must-have makeup items. You can fit a makeup quad in the zip up compartment.

The brushes that come in this kit are:

·                  Powder Brush
·                  Duo Fiber Brush
·                  Large Angled Contour Brush
·                  Concealer Brush
·                  Pencil Brush
·                  Tapered Blending Brush
·                  Eye Shading Brush
·                  Foundation Brush as a   complimentary gift

In addition, you receive a brochure to tell you all about your set and a card that gives you tips on how to care for your brushes.

There is an ‘M’ on the brush and this stands for mini because they are the travel sized brushes.

They are mini brushes, so I like to incorporate them into my brush collection because they can do things in a different way then the full size ones. The face brushes are five inches and the eye are brushes are four inches. The clutch is seven inches and can definitely fit into a medium makeup bag, it fits perfectly into the Sigma Makeup Bag I have.

Though the brushes are mini, they are still the amazing Sigma quality, I know and love.

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