Sigmax HD Brush Collection

by Casey B on 1/10/2011

Hey Everyone!
Sigmax Collection is the new HD brush line from Sigma. Sigmax Filament ideal for applying liquid, cream and powder products because the fibers of the brush don’t absorb it. Like a Kabuki brush, perfectly sized for your face, with a handle.
Because the fibers of the brush do not absorb the product, you reach for the product less often meaning you use less of it, which saves you money. The height of the fibers makes it easy to buff products onto the skin.
·                Makes blending effortless because it provides an airbrushed finish
·          Maintains shape after washings.
Within the kit you will find three Sigmax brushes, the F84 Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki, the F82 Round Top Synthetic Kabuki and the F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki. You will also receive a brochure giving you a break down of what each brush is ideal for.

F84 – Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki

The bristles on this brush are shaped at an angle. This is similar to the shape of the F40 Large Angle Contour Brush from Sigma, making it perfct for contouring and applying products like cream blushes to the cheeks. I have used it to buff bronzer onto my cheek bones also.

This brush is the most dense of the three brushes. It provides amazing coverage with liquid foundations but also works great at buffing in mineral foundation or powder foundation. The size and shape make it easy to get under the eyes and around the nose precisely.

This one is my favourite. It has been available from Sigma the longest out of the three. I love how perfectly flawless it applies my liquid foundation and how easily it smooths it out and buffs it in quickly in just one step.

The brushes in this kit produce amazing quality and are multi-funtional because you can use them with any product. They provide an airbrush finish with little effort, and with little product. These brushes have been my go to brushes for my foundation lately. I can’t get over how soft they are and how little work they require to make me look flawless.

You can pick up this kit at Sigma for $42.00 (USD) or you can purchase the brushes individually for $16.00 (USD).

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