by Casey B on 1/21/2011

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my brand new website! If you've been following me on my YouTube Channel, or Twitter, or Facebook within the last year, you have probably been to my old website. I loved it! It was my first professional website. My brother created it for me, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Over the past year, I have made some amazing friends. I have "met" so many (I say "met" because of course online communication can only go so far) but I feel like I have gotten really close with some of the people I have "met" and I can say they are some of the most awesome, fun, encouraging, supportive people ever! I am fortunate to have "met" them!

One of the girls I have met (I have actually met her!! :) is a huge reason why I began Blogging or using a website to begin with. Her blogs were so well laid out, just beautiful, and I always strived to have something even a little bit like hers. If you've been to her Blog/Website, you already know who I am talking about. PicturesqueMakeup, Jessica, had a to-die-for makeup blog, at least in my eyes. Recently, she has out done herself and wowed everyone with her new website, Beautezine.com. Have you ever flipped through a magazine, and in the goodies section they have a bunch of killer products laid out with an amazing spread talking about them? This website, is going to change the Beauty Blogging community. Because Jessica put so much work into her other Blog, she didn't want to see it go to waste. And I can't say that I blame her! Jessica was kind enough to hand me the gorgeous template with the promise that I would take good care of it. 

Jessica, I promise to take good care of it, and I wish you tons of success with your new website, it's amazing! 

So here is my new website! Complete with photos, twit pics, slideshows, reviews, links to my Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more! I hope that you guys enjoy it and I also want to thank you guys for hanging out with me and always encouraging me to grow! You guys are the best! Please check out Jessica's website! :) 

- MissCaseyB xoxo