Balmshell Review (+ a Giveaway!)

by Casey B on 2/23/2011

Hey Everyone!

Here is a review on Balmshell Lip glosses. I have three of them and I also have a mini collection I will be giving away in my video.

I love these lip-glosses. Here are some facts about the formula:

It is really conditioning and Natural!

The formula contains Jojoba oil, which brings moisture to the lips, and Lanolin oil, that locks that moisture in. When I put on this lip-gloss I can still feel it on my lips an hour later, the same as I did when I put it on. These lip-glosses contain no artificial preservatives and are perfume and paraben free. They are flavored with natural fruity vanilla.

The Lip Glosses 

This gloss is my favoruite! It is a Sheer rosy pink. It is a really pretty shade of pink. The swatch photo doesnt show the high gloss finish. The illustration that goes with this one is my favourite. 
 It is a close up of a woman at a bar. In the background there is a guy who is winking at her. When the lip-gloss is tilted, her cheeks and the hearts beside her head fill with pink as she blushes 

Out of the three that I have, this one is the shimmery one.  There are undertones of light pink in this gloss that just makes it glow. I love the illustration for this one! It reminds me of my best friend because she is a hairstylist/colour technician. It starts with a woman who has roots and is looking and feeling dull. Then the dream team that consists of a hairstylist, a colourist and a make up artist slides  over her “before look” to reveal the “after look” at the salon. 

This one is a sheer classic baby pink. I adore pink lip glosses so this was a must. Its a fun one to rock with Spring vastly approaching! The illustration is of a woman who has an addiction to shopping. She slides into a boutique just to pick up a few small things. When she slides out of the store, the doorman is carrying all of her parcels.

Glossy not Sticky!
These glosses are non-sticky, and sheer. I hate when I wear gloss and it feels sticky or thick on my lips. It’s not comfortable at all. That’s another reason why I love these glosses so much is because they are completely non-sticky, smooth almost creamy, and leaves a high gloss finish. The glosses vary from sparkle, shimmer, and matte.

Each shade is packaged with a tube that contains a floating illustration that is associated with the name of the gloss. The gloss tube unscrews from the illustration and turns into a key chain. Or, you could attach your gloss to your keys! One of the best parts is that there is an illustration for every person out there. With names like "Shoe Fetish," "Hair-apy," and "Shopaholic" there is bound to be one to fit your personality.

The Story…

Balmshell is a Canadian based company (Go Canada!) and identical twin sisters Jennifer and Fiona Lees launched it in 2006. They have Lip-glosses as well as a lip and cheek tint. There is also a Mini Gloss Collection of their best selling glosses and they offer lip-gloss bundles also.


I am going to be giving away the Mini Gloss Collection from Balmshell. That giveaway is going to be in the video above, so be sure to check that out so you can enter! This collection contatins the top 5 selling lip gloss colours available in mini size! These adorable little glosses each contain the exact high-shine, non-stick, moisturizing lip gloss formula that the full size glosses are made with. They fit perfectly into the smallest clutch purse so you can take them along every where you go! 

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    omg they have so many i love them all thank you for this giveaway much love to ya sweetie xx youtube name is destroydj0503 and twitter name is the same xx


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