Favourite Lip Products

by Casey B on 2/19/2011

Hey Everyone!

Here are my all time favourite lip products that I have. You have probably seen me use them in my videos a lot. 

The majority of my favourite products are affordable and available at your local cosmetics department.  But there are a few MAC lipsticks, as well as a few NYX lip liners which may be a little more difficult to attain. 

First up are glosses. 

From Top: Rimmel Vinyl Gloss  - Rhythm, 
Balmshell - You Give me Fever, 
Balmshell - Shopholic, Balmshell - Hair-apy

 Rimmel  Vinyl Gloss  Rhythm
This is my all-time favourite go to lipgloss. If you watch the video, you see that the label is completely worn off of the tube. The only reason I know the name is because it is the same lipgloss colour and brand since my Mommy got it for me when I was in grade 12. If you want an amazing lipgloss, I highly recommend this one!

Balmshell  You Give me Fever, Balmshell  Shopaholic, Balmshell  Hair–apy
I am going to be doing a separate review the for three Balmshell lip glosses so I do not want to say too much about them, but I love them! They are so conditioning. The colour doesn't appear as bright on the lips, it is a sheer coverage. I adore them! They last on your lips forever! And they taste so yummy…I will save the rest for the review ;) 

Now the Lip Liners:

From Top: NYX - Nude Pink, 
Annabelle - Sparkle, NYX - Hot Red

NYX Lip Liner Pencil  Nude Pink (858)
I love this lip liner because it is a universal lip liner that can be used under pretty much any lipstick because the colour of it is so similar to the lip colour. Well, mine anyway :) I scored a deal actually. I picked up my NYX pencils at the IMATS in Toronto in November. $2.00/each!

Annabelle Metallic Lip Liner  Sparkle
This is a fun, Barbie pink. This specific brand is available only in Canada, however. It is a metallic lip liner. Though from the pictures you can't really tell. 

NYX Lip Liner Pencil  Hot Red (817)
What can be said about this colour? Red hot, Hollywood Glamour Girl. It is the ultimate in red lip liners. And the NYX lip liners and amazingly smooth. 

Now Lipsticks:

From Top: (L-R) Rimmel - Jet Set Red, Revlon - Persian Melon, Annabelle - Angel, Rimmel - Pink Blush, Annabelle - Twiggy

Rimmel - Jet Set Red
This lipstick has amazing colour payoff. It is the perfect bombshell red. I picked it up at my local cosmetics department. Rimmel lipstick is one of my favourite. The colour selection is amazing and the price is also amazing, I can pick up four or five of these for the price of one MAC lipstick. It super creamy and feels great on the lips. And the taste of the lipstick is nicer than others out there!

 Revlon - Persian Melon
Love this colour! It is so fun and such a gorgeous, bright magenta pink. 

Annabelle - Angel
This is a great nude lip colour. Annabelle has amazing lipstick, also for an amazing price. Great for Canadians, it's a Canadian product, not so great for anyone else because the accessibility is limited.

Rimmel - Pink Blush
This is another lipstick that my Mommy got me. I am pretty sure this one and the RImmel Vinyl Gloss is Rhythm were given to me at the same time, and I have used them ever since. Great picks, Mom :) 

Annabelle - Twiggy

This is a gorgeous, rich, deep brown/red lip colour. This is hot for Fall especially!

From Left: MAC - Saint Germain, MAC - Gaga (Viva Glam) MAC - Creme D'Nude, 

MAC  Saint Germain
I cannot get over how gorgeous this colour is! If you watch my videos, expect to be seeing this a lot! I love baby pink lipsticks! And I don't care how 50's it is, or if it reminds people of an old lady at bingo with bright blue eyeshadow. 

MAC  Gaga (Viva Glam)
See, before the previously mention lipstick, I thought Gaga was a crazy bright pink, and it truly is, but next to Saint Germain, it looks weak! I asure you, it isn't, it's gorgeous!

MAC  Crème D’Nude
This is the ultimate perferct nude lipstick, like, ever! I want to take this opportunity for thanking my best friend Stacey for getting me these MAC lipsticks over the years, since I don't have access to it!

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