New Sigma Makeup Line (Sneak Peek!!)

Casey B >> 3/31/2011 >>

The New Sigma Makeup Line!

They're almost here! :) 

Simone, the owner of Sigma, posted a few pictures on her Twitter account about the new Makeup Line Sigma is launching! 

I have to say that these pictures look very promising and I am beyond excited about the new Makeup Line from Sigma! Their last makeup line was great, and I can't wait to see how these new palettes measure up. 

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Fresh Face & Bold Lips

Casey B >> 3/29/2011 >>

Hey Everyone!

This is a Fresh Face look for Spring with Bold Lips. The eyes are very neutral and whenever you wear neutral eyes its the perfect opportunity to play up your lips. It will be very natural and pretty looking. Perfect for Spring :) 

For complete instruction on how to get the perfect look for Spring, please watch the video below :)

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Hey Everyone!

This is a fun, green, smokey eye inspired by Saint Patricks Day which is coming up in a few days. If you're going out to celebrate it at the clubs, pubs, or bars, this would be a really awesome look to help you stand apart from the crowd. 

Using green eyeshadows also helps make brown eyes, and green/hazel eyes stand out and pop, so this look is great to use year round. 

For the lips, I wanted to keep it simple and natural. Because the eyes are so colorful and eye catching already, it's best to use a nude colour with warm pink undertones. For that extra glossy look, I used a sheer pink lip gloss from Balmshell. 

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Hey Everyone!

Here is a super fast tutorial. It is a complete face, from foundation to mascara. It's aimed at the mornings for work or school where you are just in a rush, need to get something on your face, and fast!


Annabelle Skin True Foundation - Natural Ivory
Cover Girl Mineral Foundation - Ivory
Apocalipstick Blush - Flirt
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Soft & Gentle
Peach E/S - Coastal Scents 88 Palette
MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
L'Oreal Mascara - Voluminous - Carbon Black

Brushes Used

F80 - Flat Top Kabuki - 
F45 - Buffer - 

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Buffer F45

Casey B >> 3/06/2011 >>
Hey Everyone!

The Buffer F45 Brush from Sigma is an amazing brush for blending out product efficiently to get a soft, blended look. It also works amazing to apply Mineral Foundation because that product requires buffing and this brush offers amazing control and it works great to buffer product on. 

I have been using it everyday for just over 6 months. Though I have washed it several times, it is still in pristine condition. If you are looking for an awesome kabuki brush, that isn't overly expensive, and worth the price,  I highly recommend this one!

Click the image to go to the Sigma website to check this out! 

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My Name Necklace

Casey B >> 3/02/2011 >>

Hey Everyone!

Do you remember those novelty items you would see at stores with your names on them? Pencils, cups, necklaces, etc. I guess I don't really have a common name because I always had a really hard time finding anything with my name on it.

I am a huge Sex and the City fan. I own the entire series, I watched it countless numbers of times in College with my girlfriends. So if you are a fan too, then you know about the "Carrie" necklace that the main character has throughout the series. Because of this, and never really finding anything with my name on it, I have always wanted one of my own.

There is a company called where you can have your own custom necklace made for you, you can pick the font, whether you want it in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold etc. 

- You get to choose what the inscription, or name is.
- Choose the length of the chain (14", 16", or 18")

Chain length of mine is 16"  and it sits perfectly along my collarbone.
I chose, of course, to use my name.

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