The Basics: Contouring and Highlighting

by Casey B on 4/01/2011

Hey Everyone!

Here is a new video in my Basics series on how I contour and highlight. In the video I discuss some neat tricks and tips to help you get the most natural looking application for your skin shade.  For convenience I have also written them out here for easy reference :)

Remember that you can use whatever products you want. I am simply showing you the technique with the brushes and products that I use everyday.  The majority of what I use, including brushes, is inexpensive. There is the odd pricy product here and there. Generally my collection consists of affordable things that you guys can get too :)

I hope that this helps you guys out! For a complete video how to, watch below :)

For Contouring

Sigma F05
Regardless of the product that you use (foundation, concealer, or face powder) you want to go one to two shades darker than your skin tone. This is going to keep it in your shade range and make it look the most natural. As for a brush for contouring the cheekbones you want to use a small sized brush.  I recommend the F05.

Sigma F45
 For blending it you want to use something large and fluffy. I recommend the F45.
Sigma E25
For contouring the smaller angles of the face (such as nose) I like to use a dome eye brush. It’s like a mini face brush! I recommend the E25.

For Highlight 

When using a highlight, you want to use a shade that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. This is going to ensure a natural looking application.

You want to apply the highlight to the highpoints of the face, above or next to what you just contoured (or shaded). So because we contour the hallows of our cheeks we want to highlight just above that, so that would be the cheekbone directly (see video).

Anything you apply a highlight to will pop out so applying this highlight will make the contouring of whatever you just shaded stand out more.
Sigma F40
For highlighting I like to use brushes that are medium to small sized and fluffy. I recommend the F40 for the cheek and face application.

Sigma E55

For the smaller face area application (like the nose, brow bone) I like to use the E55 because I think it is the perfect size and texture. 

Brushes I Used 


Contour Powder - 10 Piece Professional Blush Palette (1st Colour)
Highlight - MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Soft and Gentle 

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