Candy Yum-Yum is a matte neon pink lipstick (think the colour magenta-on fire!) It is one of the new lipsticks from the Quite Cute Collection that MAC has just launched for the Spring Campaign.

I adore the matte finish for this shade. It feels so smooth on the lips, almost weightless. It feels softer on the lips than I expected it to. Because the formula is matte, make sure you exfoliate those lips!

It lasts a really long time without reapplication. If you took this out for a night on the town (and how could you not?) you wouldn't need to reapply more than say maybe once. The brightness of this neon pink lipstick is unmatched by any other.

The only word of warning I have is that there is a slight bit of staining. But I happen to think that the stain it leaves behind is almost natural like, so it isn't that terrible! 

The cost is US$14.50 and it is a Limited Edition colour. I really hope that they see the high demand and make it permanent though! This colour has been flying off the shelves and all the MACs in Toronto sold out in the first day!

Thank you to StaceyBrennan for picking this up for me

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