New Polishes!

by Casey B on 4/16/2011

Hey Everyone!

I went to the store earlier and picked up three cute nail polishes in colours that I really wanted.  I have a huge nail polish collection and it is the one thing I look at every time I go to the store. The best part is they are super affordable and nail polishes usually last a long time!  

This weeks shopping trip I found two colours by Wet n Wild. One is a matte baby pink called “Tickled Pink,” and the other is a royal blue called “Saved by the Blue.” This one is from the Wet n Wild Fast Dry Collection.

The third colour is by Sally Hansen from the Xtreme Wear Collection and it is a matte pastel green (perfect for Spring!) and it is called “Green with Envy.” 

Name: Green With Envy
Collection: Sally Hansen  - Hard as Nails XTreme Wear
What is it? A matte pastel green with great coverage! Matte colours with a shiny finish are my favourite polishes.
How much is it? $3.49 (Zellers) for 11.8ml

Name: Saved by the Blue
Collection: Wet n Wild - Fast Dry
What is it? A shimmer royal blue with a fast dry application. This is a new colour for the line and is a really popular colour this season. It is a really deep royal blue with almost a prism like effect to it.
How much is it? $2.54 (Wal-Mart) for 13.5ml

Name: Tickled Pink
Collection: Wet n Wild - Wild Shine
What is it? A matte baby pink with a super shiny finish. I have a few of the colours from the Wild Shine collection and they always look wet when they dry! If you are a fan of shine, this collection is good to check out.
How much is it? $1.87 (Wal-Mart) for 12.7ml

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