Whiter Teeth in Seconds!

by Casey B on 4/03/2011

Hey Everyone!

If you're looking for a fast, effective way to make your pearly whites a little whiter, without breaking the bank, and without doing damage to the enamel of your teeth, this quick tip will work!

You've probably noticed that certain lip colours can make your teeth look brighter, while others bring out any yellowing on the teeth or in the skin tone.

For a whiter smile, stick with cool tones (like blue-base reds, pinks or purples) and steer clear from warm shades (such as brown or orange based colours which enhance yellow)

For example, even whitening commercials use this tip.

You can see in the comparison of the pictures below. On the left I have a warm tone lipstick, and on the right, a cool tone lipstick. You can see a difference between the warm and cool tone lipsticks. These pictures are unedited.

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Warm Lip Colour vs. Cool Lip Colour

Some suggestions for blue-base lipsticks:

Revlon - Moon Drops Lipstick - Persian Melon
Rimmel - Pink Blush
MAC - Saint Germain
Revlon - Pinkerbelle

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