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BH cosmetics contacted me and wanted me to do a review showing one of their newest 88 palettes.

Let's start from when I opened the package. It came in a very secure box and the box was stuffed with paper to prevent the palette from moving around, and the palette itself was wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap to help brace any impact during its shipping. My palette arrived completely fine with all the shadows intact.

I've used in a few of my most recent tutorials so I thought I would give you guys a more close up look at it.

I have the 88 Shimmer, Matte, Neutral, and now the Cool Matte and out of the four this is easily my favourite.

You can own this palette for under $14 and I think that is just crazy insane. Especially if you're going to go out and spend $10 on a CoverGirl or Almay quad (so just 4 eye shadows), you're better off getting this palette for your money and personally, I like the quality of these eye shadows much better than any CoverGirl eye shadow.

The colours are so vivid and vibrant. They are so fun and this palette is a must have for anyone who likes to stand out and create bright looks. This has been my go to palette now for a few weeks just because every time I open it I get inspired. I just see the colours together and start putting looks together in my head.

So when I do reviews for eye shadows, palettes and pigments I have a few questions that I always like to answer as I go because I feel that they are important such as the pigmentation, if it stains, if its long wear etc. so I will go over each of them.

The pigmentation is really good. It's comparable to the rest of the 88 palettes. I prefer to use them with bases because then it really helps the colour stand out.

I did find that there was a bit of staining with just one of the eye shadows. But out of 88 that's not bad at all!

I find that the eye shadows pick up and apply nicely and it really doesn't require too much of the product to get a nice even application that is highly pigmented.

The blending is smooth just as it is with all the 88 Palettes. If you're just starting out with makeup I would recommend this palette based solely on the fact that its easy to blend.

When I use eye shadows I always use a good primer because it always ensures that the eye shadows will last all day, and these do!

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