No Heat Curls

by Casey B on 9/13/2011

Hey Everyone,

This hair tutorial will show you how to get wavy/curly hair without any heat, and the best part is, no effort because this style happens while you sleep! It gives a new meaning to the term “bedhead.”

You will need:

A hair tie. This will be used to secure your hair in a tight ballerina style bun.

Smoothing lotion for your hair. I loooove my got2b Smoothing Lustre Lotion from the Smooth Operator collection purchased at any hair section of any department store or drug store.

A detangler. If your hair is super long like mine, these sprays come in handy for unruly hair! The one I use is the Lanza Detangler purchased at a local salon.

Step 1:

Towel dried hair that has no excess water in it is best for this hairstyle.  Spray your hair with detangler (option) and comb out hair to make sure there are no snags to knots in it.

Step 2:

Dispense smoothing lotion throughout the ends of your hair (from your ears down). This will help the wavy/curls be less frizzy and smoother.  Repeat combing if you wish.

Step 3:

Flip your head upside down and gather all your hair into a very high ponytail. Quickly toss your hair into a ballerina style bun and secure with elastic. Because you will be going to bed and sleeping on it, what it looks like doesn’t matter too much

Step 4:

Allow hair to dry in this bun overnight for best results.  In the morning, release the bun and shake out your hair with your fingertips just at the roots. Avoid running your fingers through the hair, as it will cause it to become frizzy. Alternatively, you could use a blow dryer for a quicker version of this look.
Step 5:
Enjoy rocking your new bedhead hairstyle and be the envy of all the girls you know :)

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