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Meblingbling is an online company that produces blinged out cases for your phones,  and hand held devices, including the iPad.

The cases are made of Swarovski crystals and other neat beads and gems. I think it is totally cute, too!
The cases are made to order and are 100% hand crafted and custom made. Each case is made specifically per customer, per order. So your case will be 100% unique to you! They have three pages of awesome designs to choose from, which was easily the hardest part of the process, choosing just one!

I am certain that no matter what phone model you have, they have you covered. There is a huge list of all of the models that they create for.

They take between 1-3 weeks to arrive. I thought I would receive it around the three week mark just because with online companies, you really never know! Some tend to push it as far as they can. But with Meblingbling, I actually received it sooner than I expected, by at least a week. That was a great surprise just because I was so excited to get it.
I was immediately impressed with the attention to detail and the obvious craftsmanship that went in to it and instantly appreciated the hard work I could see throughout.
It came in two pieces, and they literally just snap together around your phone.  In addition they also sent me some spare crystals for any that needed replacing. In all honesty, I have had it for three weeks now and I can say that I have lost two, maybe three and they are in unnoticeable spots (which doesn’t  matter because they sent me spares anyway).

If you guys like this case I will give you a hint, keep your eyes open for a possible giveaway for a super cool item wink, wink
Pictures :)

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