Happy Monday & Melted Crayon Art

by Casey B on 3/11/2013

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was nice, quiet and relaxed. On Saturday I did some grocery shopping with Scott, which I really dislike. I enjoy the cooking part, but not so much the pushing a cart around, the hustle and bustle of it all, and of course, the dreaded bill. But I had Scott with me, as I usually do. And that's always fun :)  Heres what you can look forward to this week on MissCaseyB.com:
  • Melted Crayon Art with Scott
  • Sephora Concealer Review (Seriously a fantastic concealer!!!!)
  • Date Series: Makeup, Hair, OOTN
On Friday, I wasn't feeling very well. So Scott and I decided to stay in and look at Pinterest for something fun to do. I am addicted to this site lately! Especially the recipes, and the DIY & Craft sections. We came across the melted crayon art (that I had previously seen everywhere) and decided that it might be fun to do some Art for our house. So we went out and purchased the items at a local dollarstore. They had everything we needed! Hot glue sticks ( I already had a hot glue gun), canvas board, and several boxes of crayons.

We decided it might be fun to film us doing it as well. So I will be posting that soon. It was seriously so much fun! It's something fun to do with a significant other, or kids. Here is what ours looked like:

Like I said, I will be uploading the video onto Youtube.com/MissCaseyB soon! I just need to edit it. But I wanted to share our fun with you guys now :) The video will have all the instructions, what you'll need and a complete tutorial on how to do this yourself!

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