Back in the Fall I was looking for an affordable replacement for my Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer and thought I would try the Sephora line. I ended up purchasing the Sephora Collection Perfecting Colour Concealer. 

At first I was skeptical because I as so used to the formula from my other concealer. But once I figured out how to work this formula, it really grew on me! It has a creamy smooth texture with easy application because it blends so nicely. 

The coverage is amazing. The colour I chose (#20, Cream) has yellow undertones to it so I can effectively conceal under eye darkness as well as camouflage any blemishes easily. 

When applied to the skin and you start to blend it out, it sets quickly from the warmth of your finger. Very little product is needed as it goes a long way on the skin. Too much can look cakey. 

I really like that this one has a needle nose tip. It allows me to control how much concealer comes out and it also allows for sanitary conditions when working with clients as I don't need to go into the packaging with my fingers, or a brush. 

If you're looking for an inexpensive, high-quality concealer that's better than anything the drug store has, I recommend trying this one. Available at Sephora and $21.00CA

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