Yes, it's coming! At least where I live! We already have about half a foot of snow. And with that, comes colder temperatures, indoor heating and less moisture in the air. This can do a number on your skin. I have compiled a few tips to help you get through this frigid season without sacrificing the health and beauty of your skin.

Below are two of my new face creams from Nivea that I had posted on my Instagram account. So far I am really loving them. They are super hydrating, smell great, and leave my face really smooth. A perk? They are affordable :)

First, preventative measures are key during any season. Around your mid-twenties, you should adopt a good moisturizing regime. This is especially important during the fall and winter months when the temperatures start to dip and there is less moisture in the air.

  • Soak it in! Opt for more rich creams that will really sink in and hydrate really well. Choose one for day, and one for night as both have different formulas that are super beneficial for around the clock care
  • Use less powder products because they can be extra drying and come across chalky looking. Instead, try using a cream blush, highlight cream and bronzer in place of your powder ones. Bust these back out once the weather becomes warm and your skin starts to produce more natural moisture again
  • Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin since we lose so much moisture due to the elements in the air (or lack of!)
  • Using a primer before foundation helps smooth out any dry patches also the light reflective properties in most primers help illuminate your skin in even the darkest of Fall/Winter days
Follow these tips and tricks and you should be glowing all winter long :) 

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