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For Christmas this year (I mean, 2013) I purchased myself a haul from Sephora. In that haul, I grabbed the Beauty Blogger Darlings Set in which the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Medium Matte Bronzer came. I was so excited!

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Nicole by OPI has teamed up with Carrie Underwood to bring you 14 new nail lacquers and features a mosaic of hues in a variety of finishes including pink, red, coral creams, chunky and textured glitter in gold, silver and a gorgeous pearl. Below are some of my featured swatches from the collection. You can pick up your favourite at your local drug store, salon, department store or anywhere nail lacquers are sold.

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FOTD | Wild Vines

Casey B >> 1/08/2014 >>


Today I was feeling like I wanted to do something different than what I have been doing for years. I wanted to do a pictorial. These seem to be growing ever more popular, especially on Instagram. Although I just purchased a nice new video camera, I feel this the route I want to try for a bit. I enjoyed it (just as much as filming live) but I felt I could focus more on what I was doing and the art behind it. Here is my very first pictorial, and I hope you enjoy!

The very first step, which is uber important when doing any makeup look, is beginning with a base or primer for your makeup. This helps make it last longer, and it also prevents a lot of the creasing that can happen when using eyeshadow.  I really like MACs Prep and Prime for eyes. 
The next step is to add a light shimmering champagne colour over the first half of my lids, and then follow that by dusting a beautiful rose hued pink over the remainder of the lid. 
Sometimes, when creating a smokey eye, the edges of the eyeshadow can become harsh and very noticeable. To combat this, I like to use a fluffy brush with a nude eyeshadow and blend around the edges (Pic 1). Once that is complete and looking fabulous, I pick up another fluffy brush with a darker hued rose pink, and begin working that into the outer corner area, blending gently toward the crease. 
 I used the same fluffy brush and picked up a deep purple and gently swept that from the outer corner into the natural crease. You can find your natural crease by feeling your eye socket. Its the little hallow space below your brow bone. Once the darker colour has been added, I like to add a highlight and blend the outer edges again with a super fluffy brush. To do this, rather than sweeping the brush, I just pat it around the edges.
For the lower lash line, I simply swept that second hued rose pink I used, along the bottom and then went over it with the deep plum purple. This creates a nice shadow effect and really makes the deep purple pop. 
For the upper lash line, I decided to make it a bit more stand out and added a nice bold thick cat eyeliner followed by two coats of Mascara. And voila! 


MAC Prep + Prime Eyes | Light
NYX Jumbo Pencil | Milk
Sephora Smoky Cream Liner | Must Have
Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara | Black
Sedona Lace Palette | Eyeshadows


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Clinique Acne Cleaning Concealer | Light
Annabelle Skin True Foundation | True Beige
Annabelle Skin True Bronzer
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish | Soft and Gentle
NARS Blush | Orgasm


MAC Viva Glam | Nicki

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Primer - Applying primer in the fall is crucial because it helps to eliminate dry patches and smooth out your skins texture.

Foundation/Powder - If you use foundation or blush, when the weather turns cooler, you should opt for more cream and liquid products.

Powder products can be extra drying during the cooler months. If you use it to set your foundation or prefer to use powder products, be sure you are moisturizing before your day starts and during the night while you sleep. Also, drinking lots of water always helps too!

Eyes - For the eyes, jewel tones in berry, emeralds and navy are perfect for this time of year. Smokey looks in golds and chocolate browns look great as well. If you don't already, think about adding a rich eye cream to your skin regime for at night. It's also a good idea to look for mascara with conditioning formulas to help keep lashes looking perfect.

Lips - Keeping your lips hydrated in the fall/winter is so important since lips can get really dry and chapped. During the day, keep a berry stained lip balm or colour-free lip conditioner to put in under your lipstick or gloss. Before bed when applying your face cream, go over your lips too. Also, try putting on some conditioning lip balm before heading to bed so it has a chance to absorb.

Above all, it is really important to attain a well rounded skin regime and to drink a lot of water. See my blog post on Winter Skin Tips for more.   

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