Nicole by OPI has teamed up with Carrie Underwood to bring you 14 new nail lacquers and features a mosaic of hues in a variety of finishes including pink, red, coral creams, chunky and textured glitter in gold, silver and a gorgeous pearl. Below are some of my featured swatches from the collection. You can pick up your favourite at your local drug store, salon, department store or anywhere nail lacquers are sold.

'Carrie'd Away'
This is an amazing gold textured glitter the dries to a soft matte. It is perfect on its own or makes an amazing glitter to add to create an ombre affect, or french manicure. I was surprised at how well, for a glitter polish, it comes off with polish remover and yet still has the longevity the glitter polish is known for.

'Party Bus'
Such a fun 3D glitter! This one is full of hex, holo, round and flower shape 3D rainbow glitter pieces. A great addition as a top coat for an accent nail. I found however; that the flower glitter was difficult to navigate and get out of the bottle.

'American as Apple Pie'
Gorgeous! This has to be one of my ultimate all-time favourite classic red polishes. They hit the nail right on the head with this one and it is quite fitting since some would argue that Carrie Underwood is a picturesque All-American Girl Next Door type. It has a perfect creme finish.

'Carnival Cotton Candy'
Another one of my favourites. This is such a classic Barbie Girl pink. With so many pink shades its hard to find the perfect one. I found this one to have a nice cool undertone. Again this is a pretty creme finish.

'Lips are Dripping Honey'
Here is the second 3D glitter polish in the collection. This one has circle and hex glitter. Some hex glitter shines gold, and some shine 3D rainbow. It is a neat combo and again makes an amazing top coat.

'Goodbye Shoes'

Here's a gorgeous blue-grey. Another creme finish, this is perfect for the winter/fall season. I like the coolness of this grey. It almost has a hit of green to it I find. Such a powerful, strong colour!

'Some Hearts'

Here is another favourite of mine from the collection. I am sucker for sweet candy pinks and this is no exception! A gorgeous sweet candy strawberry hue with a creme finish. It makes me want a lollipop! 
'Sweet Daisy'

The final swatch is a fun mango coral creme. This is such a pretty fruit colour that is perfect for Spring. It reminds me of warm summer nights watching a sunset! 

All in all I am very happy with the amount of creme finishes in this collection as they are my favourite. This is probably one of my favourite OPI collections to date! 

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