Primer - Applying primer in the fall is crucial because it helps to eliminate dry patches and smooth out your skins texture.

Foundation/Powder - If you use foundation or blush, when the weather turns cooler, you should opt for more cream and liquid products.

Powder products can be extra drying during the cooler months. If you use it to set your foundation or prefer to use powder products, be sure you are moisturizing before your day starts and during the night while you sleep. Also, drinking lots of water always helps too!

Eyes - For the eyes, jewel tones in berry, emeralds and navy are perfect for this time of year. Smokey looks in golds and chocolate browns look great as well. If you don't already, think about adding a rich eye cream to your skin regime for at night. It's also a good idea to look for mascara with conditioning formulas to help keep lashes looking perfect.

Lips - Keeping your lips hydrated in the fall/winter is so important since lips can get really dry and chapped. During the day, keep a berry stained lip balm or colour-free lip conditioner to put in under your lipstick or gloss. Before bed when applying your face cream, go over your lips too. Also, try putting on some conditioning lip balm before heading to bed so it has a chance to absorb.

Above all, it is really important to attain a well rounded skin regime and to drink a lot of water. See my blog post on Winter Skin Tips for more.   

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