Madam Glam Lacquers - Swatches & Review

by Casey B on 10/01/2014

Madam Glam is an amazing online nail lacquer company. They offer UV Gel polish, basic/regular nail polish as well as nail care like top and base coats, cuticle and protein treatments for your nails. They also offer nail wraps. 

Their basic polishes start at $8.95 and their UV Gel Polish is $17.95. Free shipping on orders over $25 or when you purchase three or more polishes. 

Below are some swatches of my favourite Madam Glam polishes. 

Girls Night Out -
Pretty coral-pink with golden shimmer undertones. Super bright! Definitely one of my favourites of the bunch! So so pretty! Perfect for a pedicure as well! This one requires two to three coats for full opacity but, as with most of the formulas, it dries really quickly.

Cherry Blossom -
A creme bubblegum pink! The most pretty Barbie Doll pink you can imagine! This one only requires at most two coats. One almost does it! Most of my polish collection is made up of pink shades and this one is up there for best shade.

 Where's My Sapphire? -
A lovely sapphire blue with purple undertones. Super pretty and perfect for Fall! I love how rich and vibrant this colour is. This one only requires one coat. I loved how much it stood out on my hands and I received many compliments on it!

Mango Passion -
This fruity colour is the perfect creme orange for this Halloween season! Goes on very smoothly and is rich in that in only requires one coat.

More Wine Please -
Deep purples and burgundies are the go to colour for the Fall and Winter season. This is the ideal shade for both. Super rich and vibrant in colour and it only requires one coat! Cremes are my favourite formula because they go on so smoothly and Madam Glam has some of the best Creme formulas I have tried.

Blackberry Delight -
Another gorgeous deep burgundy. This is a jelly finish that is stunning and so shiny. Definitely another go to polish for the Fall/WInter seasons.

Happy Romance -
This is a really pretty sheer pink polish with purple iridescent finish. I cannot tell you how long I have been on a hunt for the perfect pink-purple shade and I have finally found it!

Blue Mosaic -
Is a gorgeous chunky hex glitter jelly polish in a fun vibrant aqua blue. This can be used for an accent nail (as picture), or for nail art. A lot of glitter polish can be a pain to remove however this polish is quite manageable.

Like a Princess -
Appropriately named, this is a classic Princess pink polish with golden hued shimmer shining through. I adore this colour! Every girl needs this baby-doll pink in their polish collection.

Floral Jardin -
A pretty cinnamon coloured polish with silver shimmer. The finish is Frost. This is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Haute Couture -
I am always on the hunt for the perfect nude hue for my nails. Often they are too cool or too warm toned for my skin. This polish is a perfectly balance nude creme polish. This will be my go to nude polish for every season and every occasion!

Purple Silk -
I would almost say this is the complete opposite of Where is my Sapphire? This is a gorgeous grape toned purple with a hint or blue iridescence to it. Super fun for a night out. Stands out on fingers and gets lots of complimftns!

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