I've been trying out this new Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit and I have to say, I am truly impressed! I really dislike waiting for my polish to dry - it's one of my pet peeves. Usually because no matter how long I sit there not touching anything, the moment I even move, i'll smudge it. With this at home kit,  I am able to get a salon quality gel manicure in under ten minutes with no drying time. Prayers have been answered! 

This kit comes with everything you need to achieve a salon gel manicure at home. 
  • LED lamp, 
  • a top and base coat, 
  • a nail polish colour, 
  • two-sided emory board for buffing and shaping, 
  • an orange wood cuticle stick, 
  • nail cleanser pads,
  • acetone when you're ready to switch it up. 
The LED lamp, which runs off of an ac-adapter, is pre-set to auto-shut off after 30 seconds, which is all you need to cure each layer of polish. Begin with the base coat on four fingers, place into the lamp and press the button. Once the light goes out, remove your hand and repeat the process on your thumbs, and remaining fingers with the nail colour and finally with the top coat.It is important to note that you should clean any polish from your skin prior to exposure to the lamp otherwise it will cure the polish to your skin. 

And that is it! Seriously, how easy was that? I didn't even need to leave my house! This kit comes with everything you need for 10 at home manicures. You are able to go to the store and purchase the top coats, nail colours, cleanser pads and acetone separately if you need to.  

I found this formula to be super shiny, it looked like I went to a salon to get it done. The best part, is that it didn't chip or wear down. I had to remove it not because it didn't last, but because the growth from my nails needed a fill! Amazing! 

For a full demo on how to use this kit, just click "HERE" 

Cost:  $69.97CA
Availability: Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, London Drugs, Rexall, Pharmasave, Target, Loblaws

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