Favourite Bronzers

by Casey B on 3/17/2015

I've compiled some of my favourite budget and non-budget friendly favourite bronzers. It's been a long winter, but I just know the warmer weather is on its way! So here are some of my faves so you can be ready to go. 

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Medium/Deep Matte Bronzer
My favourite everyday bronzer! This is the perfect Matte shade for my skin. The best part? It's actually infused with antioxidant cocoa! It smells like you're putting on a chocolate bar. The pigmentation in this bronzer is unmatched and so amazing. You need very little and the wear is also pretty great! C$38.00

Rimmel Waterproof Natural Bronzing Powder (Sunglight) 
This one is a budget friendly dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate bronzer - of course without the amazing aroma of cocoa infusion! It doesn't quite have the lasting power of the high end brands, which is to be expected, but for a budget friendly brozner, it does it's job. It's waterproof for summer and easy to blend and apply. $6.98

Annebelle Matte Zebra Biggy Bronzer (Matte Gold) 
This is one of the best budget friendly, high end quality bronzers available. It even won the 2014 Elle Canada Award for Best Bronzer Under $30! It has three perfectly chosen shades that are coordinated to create a natural summertime glow. Perfume free and hypo-allergenic so its great for all skin types.  C$11.95

Mac Sculpting Powder Pro Palette (Shadester) 

With a Sheer Matte finish this is an amazing product that enhances the natural bone structure. The formula is soft and smooth and blends perfectly - key for contouring! It also lasts forever so touch-ups are not necessary - key for my bridal clients! C$20.50 

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