Sephora Waterproof Eyeliner Review

by Casey B on 4/23/2015

One of my go to products would have to be eyeliner. I just feel better when I have it on. Its just like mascara for me. I usually won't do one without the other, unless I am in a super big rush. I am not a huge fan of liquid eyeliner, I find it very difficult to use accurately. Specifically when I am working with clients. I much prefer to use an eyeliner pencil. I think they are less harsh than a liquid liner, easier to use, and look more natural - for the most part. 

Finding a really good quality liner is pretty difficult. Every brand out there has an eyeliner selection so its hard to know what is good and what you're just wasting your money on. And just because it is more expensive, doesn't necessarily mean its better, either! 

When scrolling through the pages of Sephora I came across their personal brand of eyeliner. I am always on the hunt for something 1) waterproof, and; 2) long wearing. Both of with this liner incorporates. It has a super silky, easy to apply formula that is resistant to water, heat, and humidity and is smudge proof. 

The two colours I purchased are two of my most used liner colours: Black Lace - a matte black, and Cocoa - a shimmering brown. The cost for these liners are C$12 and can be purchased in store and online at (

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