Last week I picked up a new Foundation! If you've been with me for a while, you know I have been pretty true to my Annabelle SkinTrue line of foundation. I needed a refill of one of the shades for my kit so off to the beauty department I went. While there I was walking around and noticed this new foundation from Revlon. Well, new to me. I'm not entirely sure how long it's been out for. I felt like I neeeeeded to try it out. So I picked up a shade I thought would be the perfect refill for my kit. Turns out, it's actually not as fair toned as I thought and it was the perfect shade for me.

It is slightly more expensive than my other foundation (C$17.95) and has slightly less 30mL vs. 40mL.

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Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer Review

Casey B >> 5/11/2015 >>

This summer is all about the bright lips and glowy faces! One of my all time favourite lip brands has up'ed the game with some truly pigmented, and affordable, lip lacquer. Keep reading to see which one is comparable to the OCC Lip Tar Anime (at a fraction of the cost)... 

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