Last week I picked up a new Foundation! If you've been with me for a while, you know I have been pretty true to my Annabelle SkinTrue line of foundation. I needed a refill of one of the shades for my kit so off to the beauty department I went. While there I was walking around and noticed this new foundation from Revlon. Well, new to me. I'm not entirely sure how long it's been out for. I felt like I neeeeeded to try it out. So I picked up a shade I thought would be the perfect refill for my kit. Turns out, it's actually not as fair toned as I thought and it was the perfect shade for me.

It is slightly more expensive than my other foundation (C$17.95) and has slightly less 30mL vs. 40mL.

I love the small compact bottle. I feel like they took a cue from the Makeup Forever HD Foundation Design (and also some of the formula, but we'll get to that in the Review).

I love that there is a pump for complete product control (no more using more than needed!) and also, of course, for the utmost in sanitary purposes for my kit - no bacteria can get into the bottle. 

To check out my complete First Impression, check out the video below for the first use and my reaction....

All in all my First Impression of this foundation is that it is pretty great! I will have a full review up after i've gotten some use out of it. Moral of the story, it's great to try new things!

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