Here is a few of the new Urban Decay Revoluntion High-Colour Lipglosses ($26.00 0.17oz). As you know, I am a huge fan of pretty much everything Urban Decay (their eyeshadows are my all time favourite).  These have just launched and are available at Sephora (online, too!) and also on Urban Decay's website. 

I really like the formula and feel of this lipgloss. There is virtually no flavour or scent (something I actually enjoy from companies like MAC) but I love how buildable the formula is. If you're someone who prefers a slightly stained looking lip, one coat would be all you'd need. But if you prefer something with a bit more stand-out intensity, layer on another coat or two! 

I do not find that it feels heavy or goopy (which is a huge plus!), there is a slight tackiness to it but nothing that is overly annoying or uncomfortable (think the feel of 'matte' lip products - except wet?) With 14 shades to choose from (mostly bright and bold) there is bound to be a shade for every look and occasion. 

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