BADgal Lash by Benefit

by Casey B on 4/13/2016

I went on a little bit of a splurge last week and I ended up grabbing one of my all time favourite mascaras. Frankly, I save tis one for when I really feel like treating myself as I d not like to spend oodles of money on mascara (i’d rather shell out the cash on a good moisturizer or primer) but I was feeling pretty down on myself recently and I decided, “Why not?!”

BAD gal Lash by Benefit has been one of my favourites since I got a deluxe size sample from Sephora one of my first ever trips there. It is very comparable to the Voluminous by L’oreal (my budget friendly dupe) which is the one I like to keep on hand. 

The reason this one is better is simply the quality of the formula and the size of the brush! The size of the brush is probably one of the biggest i’ve seen. While generally this doesn’t make too much of a difference, this one allows your lashes to be coated entirely. Nothing I hate more than a stingy brush with little bumps on them as a brush.

Brushes like this allow your lashes to fit between and they coat entirely. This means going through less mascara and pumping less air into the tube (to retrieve more) meaning it will dry out less fast.

This can be purchased (in Canada) at Sephora ($26C) or Shoppers Drug Mart ($30)  

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