Charlotte Lacroix Skin Care - Review

by Casey B on 9/04/2016

Well Hello! 

Though I hate to admit it and I might not feel like I am getting older, my skin is. And preventative measures are so important. It's much easier to toss a bit of skin care into your regime now, than it is to hide and get rid of wrinkles later on.

I've been using the Charlotte Lacroix Argan Stem Cell skin care line for a few months now and am really happy with the results. This includes a firming face serum, firming day cream and my favourite, a firming eye serum. 

Renewal Eye Cream
Has an active ingredient called Prodizia which reduces the signs of fatigue: dark circles! Feels great on the skin around my eyes. Dries quickly and feels refreshing. After a few weeks my eyes look more refreshed and awake. ($99)

Firming Day Cream 
This cream has a firming formula to it which also helps the skin feel moisturized and fresh. Argan Stems Cells speed up the skins natural repair process. I love how this makes me skin feel, even hours after wearing it I still feel moisturized ($69) 

Firming Face Serum 
This goes on prior to the Firming Day Cream and it helps the skins vital functions. It helps it to look firmer, it works to even out the skin tone and helps reduce the look of pores. Its also enriched with vitamin E. I have noticed a significant reduction in the redness on my face since I started using this serum. ($89) 

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