Hey Guys! 

I purchased this palette a bit ago now and I wanted to share my review of the product, my thoughts as well as some swatches. 

This palette comes with three highlights: Lucid, Lyric, Levitation and three contour shades: Sombre, Shadowplay and Subconscious. These shades are universal and are meant to go with any skin tone. The colours are buildable for darker complexions that may need to layer the product.

They are matte which is the best in my opinion to shade with since shimmer can have a reflecting quality that does the opposite of what you're trying to achieve. Each shade is meant to compliment the other creating a seamless, natural contour.

Something worth noting is just how easy to use these powders are. I'm pretty leery trying new powders, specifically bronzers or contour shades, because they can come out chalky and very difficult to blend. Happy to say these are the opposite. They are silky and very easy to blend.
Her line, including this palette, are exclusive to Sephora which is where I picked mine up a few weeks ago for $55.00 (CAN). It is available in store, online or through the Kat Von D website.

Absolutely the best contour and highlight shades and palette I have used. I am extremely happy. I purchased the refillable palette so I am able to replace any solo shades as I use them. It also comes in a non-refillable.

Remember to check out my video review to see the swatches live.

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