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A New Decade, New Website and Goodbye YouTube

I started my YouTube channel in 2008. I did this because I saw others like Panacea1, Petrilude, and xsparkage inspired me, long before the Desi's, Huda's and Chrisppy's of Instagram with their production/editing teams, personal photographers and photoshop. 

I started out in my bedroom, with my little canon camera (which had horrible quality, even for those days) and my 120 Palette. I would edit using Windows Movie Maker (can you even imagine?) until I had it just right. I would spend hours editing the perfect content. Then finally, I became a Partner. 

Ten years ago, being selected to Partner with YouTube was a big deal. I had to reach a certain and consistent "popularity" and view count. Once I reached it, I felt I had "made it" to being just like Petrilude and xSparkage. 

Up until last year, I was still producing videos but lost my fire. I decided recently that I wanted to change my style and theme to my channel. Not so beauty tutorial/review focused and more Lifestyle, DIY, Advise etc. That was my #goal for 2018. 

At the beginning of 2018 something shocking happened on YouTube when a certain creator decided to share a video of a suicide victim to his millions of followers. Rather than punish this creator, they tightened their belts on the rest of the community. 

I was advised that as of February 20th, 2018 my channel would no longer be considered part of the Partner program, that due to new guidelines my channel no longer qualifies. That tiny checkbox I worked years as a one woman show to garner, that I have held for 10 years was being taken away. 

So YouTube has made up my mind for me. Blogging will be my main focus. I will continue to keep my videos up on my channel because I still get a lot of feedback from them. 

Thank you to all my viewers over the past decade who have inspired me, shared stories with me, supported me and made me feel like something special. If it wasn't for starting my channel, I would not have the freelance opportunities I have now, or the friendships with those in my industry. I've made some life long friends and I have had tremendous opportunities to work with brands and wonderful PR companies. I intend to continue to create that same amazing content - just in blog format. And Instagram.  Thanks for being on this wild ride with me and I hope you stick around. 


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